[Comm] Tugging

Hey! I want a second form! If that means having two dicks, Im in!!! :V

Commission for Blackknife12
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[Comm] Couchie Couchie!

Two naughty and naked girls in a couch, this is my typical day at work... :V

Commission for Razor Riptide
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Kurenai Spreads

A little while ago, I added a new waifu to my little harem, and that's this cutie: Kurenai.
If you don't know who she is, check out here!

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[Comm] Zodiak Series: Jade x Rooster

The last Talisman!... Aw... but, sadly for Jade, she's facing a chicken that is more than that...
And yes, this move is also legal! :V

Fridaysketch Commission for CP444
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[Comm] Cara & Ed Summer Fun

Yesh! today it's wedding anniversary for Cara and Evil Ed! and Blade here was really kind to gift them this humble present. It was really fun and special to draw, I love doing couples sharing and having fun!

Commission for BLADEDGE
Cara, Evil Ed and Evil Egg are (c) to Caramel Kitteh

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[Comm] Wrestling Lizzards

I am sure this move is not illegal... :V

Fridaysketch Commission for Samael66
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[Comm] The Law is the Law

I bet many people would wish to be in this guys place XD

Commission for AshKing
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[Comm] Beach Tapioca Challenge

Well... seems the Tapioca Challenge is not a thing for Lady Tigre, although, it seems Super Michelle can handle it easily XD

Commission for CityHunter77
Super Michelle is (c) to ultramichelle

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[Comm] Fallout Orgy

Just your typical orgy, featuring OutcastPaladin OC, and "Dust, an Elysian Tail" characters ^^

Commission for OutcastPaladin
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[Comm] Zodiak Series: Jade x Dragon

And now Jade is after teh dragon talisman, but seems she will have a little of a hard time to get it.
This time, features my own water dragoness OC, Fu-Long, who is observing, until it's time to get involved. ^^

Fridaysketch Commission for CP444
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[Comm] Hyper Boob Press

Don't say it's illegal, because it's a perfectly legal move :V

Fridaysketch Commission for Mazen234
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