A New Challenger - Bethany Trained

When I was entrusted to draw a particular scene from Karen's work, I was really happy to oblige. I mean, great story, bondage (and even predicament bondage, yum!) But mainly, having the opportunity to illustrate one of her stories, and drawing Bethany? How could I say no? That would be blasphemy to be honest. X3

I hope you like this one, Beth!

Ahhh, you wonder what story it is? It's this one! Give it a read, please!

Story and Vladimir by the talented Karen Gaianni
Sexy Bethany is (c) to Bethany Hunter

[Comm] Necross Ship

Continuing with some Necross concepts for my client, this time, their ship, which they use to travel.

Commission for Sobana

[Comm] Chatting

Having a good convo can be refreshing sometimes X3

Commission for dadragonofbrainstorms

[Comm] Hypnosis and Tentacles

Ahhh so... you are challenging Cyber-Kon? I'll warn you, he has a lot of tricks under his sleeve, after all, he's awarded as the most powerful AI in existence... even Skynet avoids him! :V

Fridaysketch Commission for Candescence

[Sobana] Ritual Offering

You have to offer yourself to be in this sect. :V

Fridaysketch Commission for Sobana

Arietta's Cauldron

You can't blame Arietta. Elf juices are the best aphrodisiac in this world! I just can't stop drawing Karen... mhhh~

My true true entry for Halloween this year! Featured by Karen Gaianni, Ilyse, Arietta, Meriri, Adol and wolfiebynature's Ciaran.

Happy Halloween all!

Now, story time!! (Story by wolfiebynature)

Trina's Invitation

"You shouldn't be so flustered... after all, we are gonna have fun tonight... wanna turn off the lights? Sure, babe...~"
One of two Ideas for this Haloween. X3 (And this particular was suggested by YoshiCrusader, but I decided to do an extra for the season...)

[Comm] Royal Fun Continues

Xander sure like challenges! If he satisfies this two, he will really become a god! X3

Find an extra variant here!

Fridaysketch Commision for Rockin Rizon