Underwater Love

"Under the sea... under the seaaaaaaaa~"

Wait no, wrong place! XD. Enjoy my friend Soren!!

YCH Illustration for Soren Fraizer
Female Characters: Lei-Lani

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[Comm] Minerva & Wilford Milked

This is a new episode of... oh wait no... let's give them some privacy :V

Commission for BLADEDGE
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[Comm] Ash x Jill

Well... Jill feels lonely, Ash is charming... this was prone to happen, wasn't it?

Fridaysketch Commission for Spirit of Nomad
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Yet Another Quick Update

If you wonder why I haven't updated with commission status for a long while, it's because I'm still working with the people that is still in my Trello. I relly don't want to flood you with just "Status week blah" and "Status week meh" all the time, or this will end like that spanish tale about Petter and the Wolf.

Good news are that I'm progressing with the largest of my projects, even if I had a week of delay due to some informatic troubles, I'm also resuming with the people that was delayed as well. I think it will take me two more weeks to jump into the last two people I have in my waiting list.

Now, about this last part, some people has already asked when I'm reopening (offline) commissions, and, well, seems this little particular announcement will wait until I have served all this fine people, as well as the new waiting list I have in notepad for peeps that already asked for a commission after this batch, so... again, seems I'm covered. but, as soon as I have a spot for any new peeps, which I wil absolutely LOVE to serve, I will let you know through journals.



- I will have a week of delay with the new chapter of Livantia, due to many many things I had past week, and at least a good one, that was celebrating Mother's day, I couldn't do anything about the new chapter I'm writting, I hope I can get it done out this week at least for the next, but time eats me. I'll try my best anyway.

- As for stream commissions, slots are covered, THANK YOU so much for your support people. I know I?m repetitive with this, but, I will never stop being grateful to you, you all are awesome people that make my life better. Without you, this wouldn't have any sense. Thank you SO MUCH!

- And finally, I have a little project that was... yeah, delayed because things, the point is, it's a project for May, and involves :fayawg:'s Jenny Appeciation Month, so yeah, I will be drawing a Jenny, and she won't be alone, after all, certain green charming man deserves some attention and love as well ^^.


[Comm] Minerva & Wilford Pets

My furry crush, and I had the priviledge of drawing her in a commission, I'm pleased. ^^
Seriously considering adding Minerva to my waifu harem... :V

Commission for BLADEDGE
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[Comm] Fun Fellatio

Mr. Jason here was bored with the TV, so Jess thought it was a good idea to help a bit...

Fridaysketch Commission for Ezra
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I'm your mom...

Long time ago someone wondered about Trina being pregnant. I just didn't picture that in my mind at that moment, but... I started to wonder about it, and this is probably it. This is a not-near future for her, in where she finally got pregnant.

This is a good way to say that Trina is a very motherly woman, aside from her prankster and happy personality, she also likes kids, and can be very loving with them. Obviously, being a mother for her is a gift of life, more if is a product of love.

Well, with this, I wanna wish to all mothers in this world, Happy Mother's Day!


[Comm] Marika Milking Unna

Well... those tits must get heavy with all that milk, Marika is just gently helping here... :V

Commission for Nerzha
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[Story] Livantia Chapter #4: Deal-igence

Thank you so much to wolfiebynature for his help on the developing of this chapter!!

Today, Ilyse will have to make a little showoff for a sultan, that happens to be quite the opposite of generous with money and prices... ^^