[Comm] Fucking a Cat like a Dog

Well... the captain is looking for some treasure! And I think she found it! :P

Commission for AshKing

[Comm] Tart & Pochiro Again

I can't blame Blade for liking this couple, they look adorable together :P

Another more lewd variant here!

Commission for BLADEDGE

[Story] Livantia Chapter #14: Mimicking Gold

Playing in a mine is exactly not a good idea, specially if you know something not friendly is inside...

Thanks to WolfiebyNature for his help!


Escape Plans

For some reason, Karen finds herself in the middle of -yet- another problem! Probably a portal brought her into Lery's universe... the problem is that they now were captured by the Universe's Peace Syndicate, how peaceful is to sell two sexy ladies... ¬¬

Anyway, seems Karen has a plan, but Lery... well... she's Lery after all... :V

Karen Gaianni as herself.

Love Bonds

Pretty much an especial way for Ilyse and Karen to celebrate Valentine's Day :V

In any case, you are never constrained to just one day to express how much you love and appreciate your friends and close ones. Hopefully I won't be tagged as too sugar coated :V

For my closest ones, I love you, a lot! I admire you, I appreciate yourself and I respect you as you are! I can't be more thankful for having you next to me! And for my friends, I appreciate you a lot! Thank you for being my friends!

KarenGaianni as herself.

[Comm] Pacifica's Unique Hanging

Part three of this series of commissions featuring Pacifica fulfilling her very unique kink XD.

Dooooon't worry, she will be fine!

Extra version found on my twitter and blog!

Commission for lakanookie