Trina and The Mafia Meme

The Mafia meme... man how could I know Trina would abuse this meme and take poor Shampoo for some rigurous Mafia torture session? Poor of my (newest) waifu... I'll try to rescue her later... :V

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Minimalistic Gothick

In my search for sexy ideas to draw, I just stumped across this true cutie, this is Koko, a hot gothick... er, gothic girl property of

Darknud, a super wonderful artist!

I really love her design <3

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#Tweetfur is a thing no? Well, what about doubling up the bet? :V

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Trina's Boucing Tits

Finally finished my very first animation project I had sitting the whole past year, took me a while, but I think is a good result.

Basically, I wanted to test Clip Studio animation capabilities, and honestly, it's amazing for this kind of stuff, even for adding sounds and effects!

Obviously, who was better to be my guinea pig other than Trina, my blondie OC ^_^. (Excuse the lame ass advertising, I thought it was like, very convenient here XD)

Well, that's pretty much it, all the assets I used here for sound effects are open source and from sites like Sounddog or freemusicarchive

I'm including the original MP4 video, one without BGM and a GIF. Enjoy!

New Year, New Schedule!

Hello people!!

First of all, I wish for all that your Holidays and New Year were super nice, full of fun, those you love and all the good vibes!

The new year is here now, 2019, finally! I really hope for this year to be smooth and peaceful, that would be SOOOO good! XD. Well, one can dream. Now, into the news stuff! Long stuff, but please read!


  • Many of you have been wondering when I will be back on working commissions, either offline commissions and stream ones, well, there are good news for you! I will be back on business on middle January, mores specifically I will start working from January 21st for offline commissions. If you are a commissioner, and you have any doubt regarding my Trello list (which can be seen here:, please let me know.
  • For Stream Commissions, I will start a bit earlier on January 18th, this to accommodate you, that asked me already for a slot in a more suitable way for both parts. For this rare occasion, the Trello list will include this two weeks and a complete schedule for February, again, in case of doubt, please let me know.
  • If you haven't noticed yet, I changed my banner for all the sites that support it (Weasyl, DA, FN, Blogger, Tumblr...) for a new one for 2019 and probably onwards, I will post the full image in my galleries later, so you can see it in a bigger resolution ^^. New Banner, new vibes!
  • I updated my Commission Chart for this year, for now no prices are changed or increased, but that probably could happen on June, depending how the economy in general continues... you know, inflation and all that stuff. This past 2018 has been kinda tough in that regard, but let's hope things go good this year... Anyway, I removed some things that people never asked for (like avatars for example) and added some extra conditions and fees that were missing (some fees increased too, that's the only thing that suffer an increase by now). This applies for the FridaySketch Stream commission chart, setting some conditions for commissions, for example, limits for panels.
  • For HF, I will repost my commission chart, since the thumbnail is not updating by itself XD.
  • For other sites missing this chart, I will post it within this days.
  • Soon, I will post a journal updating the FridaySketch Slots for January - February, so you know what happened there.
  • Some stuff will wait a bit until I work on them again, like "The Shallows" manga strip I have been doing, this to catch up with people waiting for their commission to be worked on, I will be back on working it, as well as making some more interesting YCH's for it on February.
  • As many of you have noticed, I completely wiped my Tumblr and started fresh, I will try to make it my SFW portfolio in case somebody cares about that boring stuff XD. I lost some amazing followed artists that I will try to follow back the following days and months.
  • In case you wonder, I made a small overhaul on my Pixiv, this due to the staff catching up with some uncensored stuff I posted unwillingly (some misinformation I got XD), from now on, to comply with Pixiv's rules, everything NSFW, that shows genitals, or makes them interact (sex) will be censored, either with black bars or pixelization. BUT, you will be able to see my uncensored art on my other sites (or from links, if I find a way to do it for Pixiv)

And... it's pretty much it! I hope I can have it more relaxed this year (mainly and solely with my daytime job), so I can work on commissions with fresh eyes and meet my deadlines without stressing that much XD.

Thank you for reading! And Very Happy 2019!! <3

Merry Christmas 2018

This have been a colorful year.

Full of job, full of issues, but over all, full of fun, full of you, my people, full of good moments. It has been tough, and almost feeling I woudn't make it, but I'm proud to say I could, and I could do it because of you, my friends, comrades, commissioners. You, my people, you were with me this whole year, with your support, messages, questions, ideas... Really, I coudn't be more thankfull for having such awesome people by my side. I know, internet and all, but that is nothing, I feel you you close, even if we are supposed to be far from each other.

Thank you, thank you so much for being with me, for your follows, and your company, friendship, for attending to my streams and witnessing the process of creating that art you love the most. Thank you for sharing your streams with me, even if I had so little time to watch you work and create marvells. I appreciate you guys!

For my friends that made those wonderful fanarts (either illustrations or those awesome writings) and commissions for me, from the bottom of my heart, I love you guys, thank you, you are awesome! Having you by my side is a big honor!

May you have a wonderful Christmas, full of good things, joy and what you love the most, and 2019 may come full of hope and good vibes!

Merry Christmas, and a super 2019!


[Trade] Savage Encounter

Ahhhh, well, seems Hentai Jesus continues his trip to bang more hot ladies, this time it's the turn of the cute Lady Marian, and my furry waifu... Poor guys, they seems surprised... not that they can't participate tho... ^^

Trade with DarkPiccolo

Kinky Time

S-Renamon sure likes to have some kinky time with Slippy... I don't blame her at all!! XD

A little thing I did for s-nina ^^
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[Comm] Crossed Over

Coco tried to go the easy route... not so easy! XD

Commission for SherriMayim
Coco & Spyro (c) to their respective owners
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[Comm] Extra Stamina

Seems Xander was more pent up than usual, not that the Zoe, Wing or Trina mind it at all... :V

Commission for Rockin Rizon
Xander is his character
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[Comm] Buying New Slaves

Well, what can I say? When they like them, they like them XD

Commission for Snippet_Kobold
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[Comm] Catched Gabriella

So, we have this specimen catched fresh and... wait... hey you waht are you... ohhh... whatever :V

Commission for CP444
Gabrielle is (c) to Disney
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