Smutty and Amazing News!!

As you may know, I've been participating in a contest and all that... well... seems that now I will be doing my first manga featuring Meriem in some sexy adventures (yaaay!). Story will be in the hands of Killerbee120 from DeviantArt, a great fella and Cavewoman fan too!!! :3

So, this week I'll start working on this, and ocassionally posting some sketches. Also, I finished some pendings, one is a request for DesoPL and the other for Negromante77, both flat colored sketches, and just did another sketch for the lulz and for practicing profile faces...

Ready for Cavewoman Contest!!!!

Yes!!! I'm finally ready! It took me a while, but I think it worths it!!! So, here you are, my entry for the contest hold by icejaw19 from DeviantArt, in which you must draw Meriem and her partner Carrie from the Cavewoman Oasis comics in any way you wanted, as long as they used the Oasis outfits (yeah, those are outfits... got it?)... I hope I win XD

If you want more info about the contest... you can read more about it here.
So, give me some luck XD... Ah! Also, have a sexy Krystal and silly Falco!!

Meriem's ass and More doodles!

Long time no posting uh?, decided to post this while still working on my contest entry for the Cavewoman's contest on DA... Also tried to work on some stuff, like perspective (looks failed I know) and facil features, in this case, lips, I need TONS of work for those... Of course, I couldn't forget to post some Meriem's glory ass!