All Praise the Goddess Krystal!

It's still August, it's STILL AUGUST!!!

Here, my entry for the Krystal Appreciation Hullaballoing for this year... I hope you enjoyed the month as much as I did (well, all what I could until RL interfiered again XD)

Back to smut XD

Sorry for the lack of updates, you know me already, life tends to take over from time to time, thus this delay... So here I present my project for current Krystal Appreciation Month... Yeah I know, no porn, but I just felt to portray her like this this time, hope you don't mind XD.

Also, I finally did the inks for the Cavewoman Manga cover, this one was entirely done on Manga Studio, I think I'm getting the grasp of the program, indeed, sometimes it feels better and easier to control my strokes there than in SAI, even if using a similar level of stabilizer. Well, let me know your thoughts.

The last is a random sketch based on a girl I saw on a photo...

Now I hope I don't dissappear again XD.