News: KAH & Opening Fridaysketch Streams!

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Good news!!! This is the Krystal Apprecation Hullabaloo month, and with it, news and announcements come!!! I highly reccomend you to keep reading ;).

Fridaysketch Streams… ooohhh boy!

As you may know I’m stopping streams on Mondays and Wednesdays, but instead, I’m announcing to you: Fridaysketch Streams! And, what is this, you may ask?

Fridaysketch Streams are basically chill streams in which I will be drawing good lewds (or non lewds… boooooooring :V) for you, I will be offering 3 types of commissions for you to choose (one of them, is completely an exclusive for this streams), which are enumerated in this price chart i’m setting over here. You ask on the stream what you want, I do it. Simple!

What do you need for a commission on stream, you wonder?
  • Paypal address
  • To either note me, chat with me over discord or whisper me your idea in Picarto Chat, with the full description of what you want, and the type of commission.
  • Be lewd (well, not strictly necessary, but encouraged)

This streams will be hold on fridays (duh!) from 6pm CST/CDT. I will be glad to see you there, no matter if you don’t want a commission, just step there and say hi! I don’t bite! ^^.

KAH 2017

As every year, I will be also taking KAH related commissions, this year, Almighty Yawgsama, Master of Boobs, is holding an interesting idea: R63 Krystal… yeah, exchange big boobs for big balls and a meaty dick!

Still, you can always request for female Krystal in your commission, in either case, I aply my famous “My OC’s” $5 USD discount for her in this month, meaning that, every commission featuring Krystal will have that discount, no matter if it’s a sketch, or full color. The only difference is that now you can choose if you want female Krystal having a gangbang, or male Krystal… XD.

So, now you know it, if you want some smexy Krystal art, GO FOR IT, MAN! (or woman, or whoever may want it! I don’t discriminate XD)


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