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After thinking about this, and taking into considertion many factors, I’m comming to he conclussion that I’m reducing the amount of streams I’m doing curently, why, you may ask? Well…
  • Many of you know I have a daytime job, which during some seasons tends to be demanding, which was happening lately, even making me cancel some streams in the past.
  • Because of this last point, I don’t feel it serious cancelling streams like that.
  • I’m stressing over a thing I like to do, just because I can’t stream on time, and this affects the quality of my art. (You don’t deserve subpar quality, and I absolutely refuse to do that)
  • Instead, I will keep one weekly stream, and that will be the friday’s stream, in where you can either now ask me for sketches, inks or colored sketches, or, if nothing else, I will be working other stuff (personal or whatever). I’m considering even being able to start earlier (Instead of 6pm CDT/CST, like one or two hours before that). Basically, I want quality over quantity, no use to have 3 streams if I’m getting stressed about it, and fridays are the most relaxed day for me in this regards.
  • Also seems people is more relaxed and willing to chill on fridays, rather than other days, so this is even a more important reason for me to change the schedule.
  • I want to do a chart for prices for the friday’s stream, so people can see it easily and choose what they want, also, I will remove the slot limit for it, as well as the reservation process, as soon as I finish one sketch, and, if I have available time, I will take another one, and so on… (that means, you can ask in that moment, if you want something to be done for you).
I will round up this idea, and make an official announcement for fridaysketch streams (lol, good name! :V). Meanwhile, I’m terminating the other streams.

Thank you so much for your support and love, guys, I appreciate and love each one of you.

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