Terms of Service!

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Finally, my TOS and FAQ, be sure to read this completely before you commission me.

By commissioning me, you agree to the following terms:
  • You are at least legal age, or minimum 18 years or older, otherwise, no service for you, sorry.
  • You consent on my style and method of art.
  • You have read this terms entirely and throughly.
  • You are able to pay for your desired commission in full when charged.

About Payments:
  • I accept payments through Paypal only.
  • I work through invoices only, don't send any money on your own, as the payment will be returned back.
  • USD only.
  • Payment is required upfront unless otherwise stated.
  • Tips are welcome and very much appreciated :)
  • Whenever I finsh your commission, I will send you a full resolution tif or png file -tif preffered because of quality and file properties contained in it- via your email.
  • If I don't get your payment within 48 hours after I sent you an invoce, your commission will be cancelled or re-scheduled.

Working with me:
  • If you want to contact me, you can do it in any of my art sites, via notes -links located in this blog-, my Tumblr, or my e-mail.
  • I will let you know when commissions are open, slots are available or progress via journals either here or in my galleries, or posts via Tumblr. Of course, I will keep contact with you via the other means I mentioned before to keep you on track of the progress of your commission.
  • Time to finish your commission will depend on my workload -either my other work or commission slots- and the complexity of your commission, for example, I can finish a sketch for you in within 1 day, but if you commissioned a full color art piece, it will take longer (probably a month to do it, depending how complex it is). We can discuss that when talking about your commission.
  • If there is a deadline you need to tell me before I start anything and I send you any invoice, otherwise, there is no guarantee I will finish it on time. Also, it needs to be a reasonable time, otherwise I will not take your commission.
  • No refunds, no excuses, unless I'm completely not able to work on your commission.
  • If you don't want your username to be public, either in my commission status posts or whenever I post the submission in my galleries, please feel free to tell me, so I can replace it with an elegant "Anonymous Commissioner" title, instead of your username :D
  • Preview sketches will be provided only when payment has gone through.
  • You can get many corrections as you may need only during sketch stage, those corrections include error fixing or small details. You may pay an extra fee if I have to redo the whole thing completely even in sketch state, as it is another concept, different from what you commissioned me first.
  • All commissions are public by default, this means are publicly posted on my galleries, blog and tumblr. They can also be streamed online if I stream on my channel. If you want it to be private, an extra fee might aply. Also, you need to tell me if you want your commission to be streamed online or not, for this one, no fee is needed, just telling me beforehand.
  • You need to tell me if you want to be anonymous or not whenever I post your commission in my galleries or blogs, in case you like it this way, no fee aplies for this
  • Commissions are for non-commercial use only, this means you cannot use it to gain any profit.
  • My work schedule are workdays, this means I will work on commissions Monday to Fridays, from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm (México Central Time)

About Public and Private Commissions
There are some limitations depending where you want your commission to be posted, and the nature of it. This two specific cases are these:
  1. If your commission is explicit adult content (sex scenes, showing fluids that are not drool, etc...), it will not be posted in DeviantArt even if you are a user from that site, because of their politics about porn, instead, it will be posted in any of my other galleries.
  2. I normally do cleaned up sketches, that means, no construction lines in final result, otherwise, it cannot be posted in sites like Hentai-Foundry, due to their quality politics in that regard, also only colored art can go in the main gallery, sketches are posted always in scraps section, which keeps up with this site standards.

  3. Anyway, taking in mind this, you can always choose if you want your commission posted in an specific art gallery of mine, but all of them will always be posted at least in my blog, and my Tumblr.

Do you have any blacklisted fetishes or things you wouldn't draw?
Nice question... I'm open to a variety of ideas and fetishes, also, I don't only draw porn. But, in any case, I am pretty much not doing any of this:
  • Hyper (Big boobs or penises/balls are OK, but not too oversized, also, no rubber made people LOL)
  • Vore
  • Scat
  • Watersports
  • Vomit or nasty fluids like that
  • Gore / Guro (My limit is comic or Dragon Ball Z level of violence, even on fictional women)
  • Centaurs
  • Sonic, Spongebob or MLP stuff (I admire many people that draws those in their unique style though. Completely humanized MLP Characters are good for me.)
  • Full Wrapped or webbed fetish.
  • Choking stuff
  • Underage porn, pedophilia or cub porn
  • Diaperfurs and related stuff...
  • Real people (at least, for NSFW, SFW is OK as long as it is nothing too sugestive...)
  • Bestiality (Although certain monsters or animals; there can be exceptions, such as gorilas or apes...)
  • Maybe I forget something I'm not comfortable with, ask first.

How do I know you are open for commissions?
Whenever I'm available, or there are open slots, I will let you know through journals or status updates in my different galleries, or posts over my tumblr.

What do I need in order to commission you?
Well, it's relatively simple, if you fulfill this requirements, you get a comish from me:
  • Paypal account.
  • Common sense.
  • An up to date visual reference of your character(s).
  • If you don't have a visual reference, I can work over descriptions, but, since it time consuming, an extra fee might aply.
  • Decribe the situation you want to be illustrated the best you can, clear, concise and straight to the point. If you have a visual reference of the scene you want to be done, even better!

Are you open for requests?
No, sorry. Sometimes I might be open for trades, but depends if I'm interested or available. ***I'm never open for trades on December or late November***

  • All the characters I draw are 18+ or older, or, are depicted being at legal age, which means, no underage stuff...
  • I consider that drawing minors hurts your sensibility. I respect people that does it though...
  • Any depiction of a "younger" Trina (my OC) or any other character is conceived by the idea of her being 18 years old, no less, anything that has to do with the "lolita complex" is taken from the view of adult women wearing uniforms and such... But NEVER depicting underage girls. Being said, this means in short that in the case of Trina, she is an adult, even if looking younger... But never younger than a 18 years old...